Tom Barbour: Where In The World Is The Real Everton FC!

By Tom Barbour on Feb 14, 11 12:21 PM in Columnists
Somethings distinctly wrong at Everton this season, we've been playing horribly, and I know it seems like I'm jumping the gun after that incredibly poor performance against Bolton but our inconsistency this season has been horrible. It may seem a little rash but I believe it's time for Moyes to show whether he's a truly great manager or not by building a new squad. I believe we need to sell some of our top players and buy cheaper, younger replacements so we can pay off the debt, no matter what anyone says I'd rather be a decent premier league team out of debt then have one good season then spend the next twenty years languishing due to going into administration.

I think if Chelsea comes in with a twenty million plus offer for Fellaini we have to take it, and if anyone comes in for Heitinga or Arteta we should to, these players simply haven't been up to scratch. Also I think it's time for Shane Duffy and Jose Baxter to be given a chance, they've been on the bench and Baxter looked okay for the ten minutes he was on today, a little nervous but those nerves will go if he gets a bit more regular game time. I really think Duffy would just bully strikers like Elmander though and he should've been on in place for Heitinga, who makes to many rash challenges and seems prone to lapses of concentration. Or atleast bring Jagielka back into the side, again though if a big bid came in for Phil in the summer I think we should take it to get out of debt, and give some youngsters a run in the side. Whatever happened to the Moyes who brought in Anichebe, Vaughan, Rooney, Rodwell and the rest? It could be that the latest batch of youngsters aren't up to scratch, excluding Ross Barkley who had that horrendous injury. But it seems to me Moyes is just getting comfortable with the old guard, I really believe if he is going to win something with Everton and show he's truly great it's time for him to build a new team. All the same COYB.

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